LOOK UP! NEW YORK CITY is the first volume of an exciting new series of architecture and design books inspiring kids of all ages.  This book helps children identify architectural details, understand building design, develop drawing skills, and understand the historic significance of each built neighborhood in New York City.

Exploring the rich and fascinating world of building in New York, LOOK UP! is designed to be an on-the-go, fun, and informative architecture notebook to create, color, and design.  It is filled with great drawing and doodling activities for kids and teens as well as beautiful images, architecture detailing, and fun historical building facts for adults and young architects.  It provides a guide for exciting neighborhood walking tours. Fun maps are included to maximize observation and learning.

LOOK UP! NEW YORK CITY has been a work in progress for many years. The final book would never have been possible without the Lauren Rubin Architecture dedicated and talented group of architects and designers: ​Laura Knight Keating, Audrey Choi, Katarzyna Kuta and Rebecca Kent.