by Lauren Rubin

Color and texture has been getting more play in the design world.  Paint and wallpaper have taken on new life and bring even more possibility to the overall look of your home .  Colors and patterns can elevate the design of a room to another level.

When choosing a wall color, of course you have to consider the doors, trims and floors…but don’t forget the ceilings!

Consider introducing color and pattern to the ceilings.  The added color can play off the walls and trims or sometimes it just adds a great place to focus the design.

Try to remind yourself paint and wall coverings are the icing on the cake.  They are not permanent and are a great place to experiment and perhaps take some risks.  Typically, you won’t be disappointed and it will separate the look of your home from your neighbor.  Don’t fall into the all-white trap! This is defined as a fear of color and plans to introduce a ‘fun color’ with a throw pillow…

The ceiling has its own relationship to the rest of the room.  It can complement the color with a similar hue or  it can pair well with simple colors and white walls. The bottom line is, don’t leave the ceiling just hanging up there – make a statement and let your ceiling shine!

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