By Lauren Rubin

We‘ve all seen a ridiculous amount of information on how to design a small space.  It is constantly addressed in articles, blogs, and websites because it is a universal challenge in residential design. We all need tips…

NYC apartment living takes small living to the absolute limit.  As architects in NYC we have explored every avenue of planning, storage, and design to address this problem. We continue to push the limits of small living for almost all of our projects.  Here are our latest designs – all of these ideas can be applied to any living space!

Room Separators and Studio Apartments

Dividing a room for a sleeping and living area is difficult.  You don’t want to close of the space and make it claustrophobic and you don’t want to reduce the natural light to either space.

For this studio apartment, we created a feature wood wall with a fully rotating TV.  It partially defines the apartment creating a sleeping area and living/kitchen but maximizes light and functionality.

Small Space-1


Do not miss an opportunity to fill a dead space.  Open shelving is simple and straightforward and always looks beautiful.  It even opens up a space to make it feel larger and airier.  Put niches and shelving everywhere….around doors, in bathrooms, along walls, under windows and don’t be shy about it.

Small Space-2

Double Load Your Kitchen

Narrow galley kitchens are tough.  Typically you can load one side with a 24” typical countertop and the other side becomes useless.  Don’t be afraid to double load your kitchen creatively.  We use upper cabinets below a countertop.  They will be anywhere from 12” deep to 14” deep.  It is a narrow counter but you will always find use for it, not to mention the storage!  Of course you still need enough clearance in the middle of the kitchen but even IKEA cabinets can be retrofitted to work.

Small Space-3

Custom Closets

I know.  It is hard to spend the additional money on closet interiors.  It will be the first thing that comes out when you are trying to reduce the cost of a renovation.  But if you let your architect or quality closet company design your closet interior, you will be constantly rewarded with the amount of found space and utility you gain.

Small Space-4

The right design can create an enormous amount of storage even in a tiny space. Opportunities are everywhere. Your space may be small but your style can stay big!

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